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The FilamentFactory is a new company based on a proud heritage. It is a continuation of the former DuraFiber Technologies GmbH / Performance Fibers GmbH in Bad Hersfeld producing high tenacity multifilament yarns since 1966.

Due to a Management Buy Out in October 2017, supported by a strategic investor, the highly professional production plant operates as an independent manufacturer..

With new vigour and enthusiasm, a strengthened team and the passion for filaments, the company continues its high quality work, The FilamentFactory.

Uniformity, quality and continuity are at our core. We are committed to deliver top quality filament yarns for our industrial clients. We use first grade polymers only and maintain the highest conformity standards. So you can produce high end, premium products for your customers.

We offer the following product range made on single and two step production lines, all high tenacity multifilaments:
- PET (virgin, 100% recycled, Lowik, FR, UV resitant)

We produce the most uniform high tenacity multifilament yarns in the world

Products and services

The FilamentFactory is producing high tenacity mulitifilment yarns on single and two-step machines reaching the ultimate relationship in terms of tenacity, super low shrinkage and elongation. We serve more than 700 different high quality yarns with the best uniformity made in Germany.

PET (10- 6000 denier)
- virgin or 100% recyled
- flame retardant
- UV stablized
- 2step HMLS
- FDA approved
- super low shrinkage of 1,5% (free, 180°C, 15 minutes)
- largest PET portfolio in the world

PBT (30-6000 denier)
- high elongation yarns with up to 70%
- used for sewing threads, composites, activewear, furniture

PPS (65-6000 denier)
- high performance polymer
- continous usage temperatur up to 192°C
- used for automotive & aerospace composites, commingling, filtration, electric stators

PEEK (100-6000 denier)
- ultra high performance polymer
- continous usage temperatur 250°C
- used for automotive & aerospace composites, filtration, MRG

We offer customized solutions!!!
710 UV - stabilized high tenacity multifilament PET

Outstanding UV properties achieved by addition of tailer-made masterbatch during the extrusion process. The additive is physically-mechanically bonded to the polymer and inherent.

- 2-step product made in Germany
- titer range from 68-6000 denier
- tenacity of 65 cN/tex
- HAS 1,4% with 15 min @ 180°C
- 60% lower tenacity loss after 600h Xenon arc lamp test (ISO 105-B06)

- textile architecture
- outdoor/indoor sun protection
- tents
- silos

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712 R-PET - 100% post consumer recycled high tenacity multifilament PET

The best yarn for producing sewint threads is now also available in recycled. Outstanding dyeability and strength. Proven track record of being extremely consistent.

Now with GRS certificate!!! Recycling is not a compromise

- 2-step product made in Germany
- titer range from 20-6000 denier
- tenacity of 68 cN/tex
- HAS 5% with 15 min @ 180°C

- sewing threads
- embroidery yarns
- outdoor fabrics
- apparel
- automotive

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PBT - high tenacity multifilament Polybutylene Terephthalate

Designed for applications that require excellent stretch and recovery properties. Low moisture absorption and reliable color fastness. Excellent dimensional stability.

- 2-step product made in Germany
- titer range from 30-6000 denier
- Elongaton at break up to 80%
- allows hundrets of cycle times

- sewing threads
- composites
- furniture seat backs
- activewear

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Abbas Taoufiq
Key Account Manager
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