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Simplify your processes – using monofilaments with tribological characteristics. Perlon® has developed a PET based monofilament with a special surface so that in the future you can dispense with an extra coating. HighGrip guarantees long-lasting better efficiency of process conveyor belts. So you have the optimum grip on your performance! HighGrip is available in various qualities, 7**(M/Q/U/N/I)R, with different tribological characteristics and various shell material fusing temperatures The advantages of HighGrip at a glance – Polyester-based monofilament (hydrophobic) – Cost reduction through saving on the coating

Permanent effect

  • Bicomponents with core-shell structure
  • Round and profiled diameters possible
  • Very good textile characteristics

HighGrip can be used both in weft and in warp. Better cake debonding can be achieved through a combination with other monofilaments in warp or weft directions.

Exhibitor: Perlon® – The Filament Company

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