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Perlon® – The Filament Company

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About us

Perlon® – The Filament Company – stems from the merger of PerlonNextrusion and Hahl-Pedex. We are the world's leading manufacturer of synthetic filaments and generate annual sales of 125 million euros with 750 employees.

We produce high-quality filaments for demanding technical end applications at seven future-proofed locations in Germany, USA, China and Korea.

Perlon GmbH is structured in three segments:

  • QualiFil®: Monofilaments for paper machine clothing and advanced technical textiles
  • Hahl: Synthetic bristle filaments and abrasive filaments
  • Pedex: Filaments for dental and personal care

Perlon GmbH is part of the diversified Serafin group of companies whose philosophy goes back to the 150 year shareholding family company tradition.

Following the guiding principle "responsibility from tradition", Serafin invests in companies to develop these further in keeping with all interest groups.

The group companies with 4,000 employees currently achieve a turnover of € 600 million.

Products and services

Our monofilaments are manufactured from thermoplastic polymers such as PET, PBT, TPE-E, PA6, PA6.6, PA6.10, PA6.12, PA12, PP, PE, PPS, PEEK, PVDF, PEN, POM and PLA using melt spinning process.

The used raw materials have different matting grades, colours and molecular weights. Our monofilaments are offered round or profiled in the diameter range of 0.055 mm to 6.000 mm. By means of targeted process control during the manufacture of the monofilaments, a wide-ranging spectrum of technological characteristics is produced.

A key competence is the high product quality which is ensured through online process controls. Our monofilaments are characterized by their high performance and excellent workability as well as consistency and reproducibility.

Produced on flanged spools or cops, as filament bundle, in strands or on wooden bobbins with wound weights of 1 to 500 kg. A thread reserve is possible on request.

Customer benefit is the focus of our actions.



DuraFil® has got an exceptional mechanical resistance and withstands the high stresses in numerous areas of application.

The use of DuraFil® monofilament helps to prolong the service life of high quality sieves. Besides its very good abrasion resistance DuraFil® is impressive due to an exceptional resistance to high pressure cleaning.

DuraFil® has got very good fibrillation resistance and is especially suitable for uses which also depend on resistance to pressure.



Bicomponent monofilaments are manufactured from two different polymer systems which are co-extruded in one step. Typical are concentric core-shell structures (see Fig. 1), our portfolio, however, also includes other designs such as side-by-side monofilaments (see Fig. 2).

The bicomponent process permits countless combinations. For this reason, most products are tailor-made solutions developed for special applications. Please contact us for your specific requirements.



TPE-E-based monofilaments have impressive rubberlike advantages. Good dynamic and mechanical properties allow versatile applications in the field of textiles, e.g. in the furniture or textile industry, as well as in technical applications such as automotive or filtration.

The structure of the copolymer is characterised by polyester- based hard segments and polyether-based soft segments.

The ratio of hard to soft segments has a decisive influence on the elastic behaviour of the monofilament.

News & Innovations


Simplify your processes – using monofilaments with tribological characteristics. Perlon ® has developed a PET based monofilament with a special surface so that in the future you can dispense with an extra coating. HighGrip guarantees long-lasting better efficiency of process conveyor ...| » Further reading 


The name EasyKleen® says it all: it stands for monofilaments with improved cleaning characteristics. By means of targeted modification of the surface character, dirt particles adhere less strongly to the EasyKleen® monofilaments and are thereby easier to remove. Besides the dirt repellent effect,...| » Further reading 


AntiStat dissipates electrostatic charges. This improves the process stability and reduces explosion hazard in line with the ATEX Directive (explosive atmospheres). AntiStat can also be used as a semi-conductive material, e.g. for screening high voltage cables. AntiStat LH has been specially deve...| » Further reading 


Perlon® – The Filament Company
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